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1. How long will take for my report to get to my doctors office?
a) We try to have the reports sent to your doctors offices with in 8 hours.

2. Do I need to arrive early for my appointment?
a) Yes, ten minutes.

3. If I am not prepared for my exam, what will happen?
a) We may have to reschedule your exam. We will do our best to fit you in between other patients if we can.

4. Do I need an appointment at your clinic?
a) You do need an appointment for ultrasound, mammogram, and bone density. General x-rays are just on a walk in basis.

5. How long is the wait for an appointment?
a) There are some same day appointments for emergency and walk ins. For non emergency it is one to two days. Please call.

6. Do I need a referral from my doctor?
a) Yes for any ultrasound, x-ray, and bone density you need a referral from your doctor. Mammogram patients between the ages of 50-69 do not need a referral from a doctor if they are booking for a regular screening mammogram.

7. How long is the wait time for x-rays?
a) Every day is different for X-rays, since it is on a first come first serves basis it is hard to give a wait time, since it depends on the type of x-ray each patient is having.

8. For fasting exams I am able to take my medicine?
a) Yes you may, but with a little water.

9. If I am having an internal pelvis exam, do I have to drink water?
a) Yes.

10. Do I need to bring my Alberta Health Card with me to each appointment?
a) Yes, it lets us verify that we and your doctors offices have the right information, and it is allows us to identify who you are.

11. I am able to request a female technologist do my exam?
a) Yes, we do have female technologist do your exams, we just ask that you lets us know prior to your exam that you would like a female technologists so we able to make sure there is a female available for you at that time.

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